The importance of Detailing


– I discovered Detailing by browsing the internet, at first I was mainly interested in the “renovation” side. 


In particular the carpets and fabrics of my E30 which had lived well.


– I’ve always liked to take the time to do a thorough cleaning of my car 2 or 3 times a year, there’s a really pleasant moment in the fact of pampering your car.

The variety of products and their efficiency generates a certain satisfaction when you are a geek 🙂 I love the different types of products, it’s quite fun. I used to do it with my kids, we had a great time.


– The most fascinating thing about the videos I saw was the ” before/after ” which was very informative and funny. Even if for the moment, I am waiting to be guided to attack the polishing and the treatment of the varnishes.


– There is also the interesting and essential notion that the car is not just a transport mode but a valued object that we prepare and protect. This is obviously an area that concerns car passionate people, with whom one can easily exchange and discuss.


– I’m very happy to be a partner of your event because I’m sure I’ll meet people with whom I’ll have a lot in common and shared interests.


A few years ago you had to find the products yourself, but in France today there is a great network and a community that is only looking to grow.



Crédits photos : ©LeTone







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